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last update:  09/07/2014

At its next meeting, the Environmental Quality Affairs Committee will finalize its list of proposals to improve the quality of life in the city.  Among the proposals:

  • Traffic:  the city should work with UCI and other such groups to augment their transportation services which remove a number of cars from the streets and also explore the possibility of the existing "cocktail coaches" expanding their service to daytime. 
  • Noise:  the city should consider changing the current standards and lowering the decibel count.
  • Energy:  after-hours commercial lighting should be minimized while maintaining sufficient levels for security.

The meeting is September 30 at 6:30 in the community room at Civic Center.  The completed list will be presented to the city council after that.

We had a couple of good meetings on the CdM entry project at MacArthur and PCH.  As I hope everyone knows, the idea of changing the pinch point on PCH has been discarded.  The current plan proposes removing the parking along PCH for that block (which traffic engineers think is a good safety idea regardless) and replacing the parking on Carnation which would become one way for that one block.  Most of the residents attending live in that area, and they seemed comfortable on the whole with the one-way concept, the businesses as well, so it looks like that will move to council for consideration.

I'm looking forward to the official opening of the sculpture exhibition in the civic center park.  The art is already installed, and for me it's like going to the museum--some things I like, some things I don't.  The surprise was that the things I liked weren't necessarily the things I thought I was going to like, based on photos.  One work in particular just jumped out at me in its present location which just goes to show what every good real estate person knows--LLL.


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Water conservation will be the focus of the Water Quality Coastal Tidelands Committee meeting Thursday, September 11, 3 o'clock, Newport Coast Room, Civic Center.  This is always a well-attended meeting, and I'm sure this will be no exception.

I went to the ice bucket challenge for Ralph Rodheim.  Now, I hate cold water.  It's the reason I gave up surfing in the winter and took up paddle boarding--so I could stay out of that cold water--but Ralph and I go back to high school (I'd like to say he was several years ahead of me, but he was actually behind--maybe because I skipped a lot of grades?). Anyway, since it was Ralph, I had to do it, despite this abhorrence of  mine, and there I stood, bucket in hand, dreading the moment, when I noticed Joe Stapleton standing next to me--young, vigorous, unsuspecting.  When the whistle blew, I dumped my bucket on him.  He'd already dumped his own bucket on himself, so it wasn't like it was that shocking.  Cowardly, yes, but he was quite nice about it.  Anyway, the event raised more money for research, and let's hope for some breakthroughs to benefit Ralph and others with ALS.








Please don't hesitate to contact me with your ideas and opinions on these and other topics that should be addressed in future issues.